The Team Approach to Delivery

Leverage the power of teamwork to create better software solutions.

When we work with your team, we pair best practices with expert guidance in order to work more quickly, more efficiently, and to deliver results. Using agile development, we deliver the apps and services you and your customers need to stay productive. 

Whether you have legacy technology that is impacting operational costs, need to refactor applications into the Azure cloud, or need help moving away from monolithic architectures, we have the expertise and experience to take you to production.

Agile Practices





Best Practices

All the Capabilities You Need to Go from Idea to Production

Self-managed Agile teams are made up of a Delivery Manager, a Delivery Engineer, Designers, Cloud Engineers, Developers, and Business Analysts (BAs). These roles both extend and complement your in-house team. Using an integrated, personalized approach, we work with your staff to scale, help eliminate skill set gaps, and adopt a new mindset.

Agile Portfolios


Solution Delivery

System Architecture

Software Dev

Solution Testing

SCRUM Masters

With deep technology expertise, your Delivery Team can work across multiple projects and provide architectural guidance for software solutions that go beyond simple coding.

We help you tackle the backlog, speed up software releases, validate that you’re building the products that users want, and spur innovation inside of your organization. 

The Delivery Team Model

How will your Delivery Team be assembled? It all starts with your priorities. 


We work with you to identify and organize the overall scope of work. 


You determine the priority and importance of each project or feature.


Together, we build a team to meet your requirements. Our team works closely with your business units and IT staff to create and deliver the solution.


We measure the ROI by the overall value delivered, an hold ourselves accountable to your goals. 

Measuring Delivery Team Performance

We work collaboratively with you to ensure expectations are defined, set, and met. Performance measurement falls under several categories, including: 

Delivery Team Scorecard 

Your team has their own personalized scorecard that keeps tabs on vital categories such as the overall budget, project timeline, project scope, available resources, technology used, and any roadblocks. 

Scorecards are updated regularly to take a proactive approach to identifying and solving for productivity barriers. 


Project Timeline 

A project timeline details the milestones, feature implementations, and phases of the project, so that both the Delivery Team and your stakeholders can keep track of progress.

Delivering Value Within Budget

By trending the financial status of the solution delivery as it progresses, we keep your project within budget scope while meeting your expectations. 

Testing and QA 

No software project is complete without stringent testing and quality assurance.

Ready to Build Your Delivery Team?

Send us a few details about your software project and organization and we’ll start assembling the talent to make your goals a reality.